A Stand with the Airport is a Stand with the City


Our mission is to support the renewal of the airport and its neighborhoods through improvements to the existing aviation

and educational infrastructure to boost the economic vitality of Detroit and the community.


Businesses at the airport and throughout Detroit utilize the airport, giving them an advantage for faster growth, increased earnings and greater job creation.


With proper attention given to the airport, it can act as the catalyst for growth in the surrounding communities with new businesses, better jobs and quality education. Community groups see this value and support upgrades to the airport.


Davis Aerospace Technical High School, formerly located at the airport, can provide students with the foundation for high-paying jobs in the aviation industry. Let’s return it to the airport for complete success.


Acting as a gateway from the world to Detroit’s doorstep, the airport provides Detroit a unique advantage to boost its economy and create a more prosperous future for the city.










Coleman A. Young International Education Association Members


A diverse group of community leaders, focused on a thriving future for Detroit.



David has spent most of his career in various automotive industry management positions. He’s a private pilot, President of the Eximious Flying Club, and an ardent student of aviation history. Tarrant is married with a grown son, and two grandchildren. He brings passion and commitment to the goal of creating a bright future for the Coleman A. Young International Airport and the City it serves.

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Keith brings years of business experience with IBM where he started his career, selling and installing computer-aided automotive industry design programs. Several positions later, Keith was one of IBM’s worldwide leaders in automotive business strategy and marketing. With a lifelong passion for aviation, Keith now brings his business experience in motivating and enhancing general aviation. He is an active member of many aviation organizations, a private pilot and former aircraft owner.  He serves on a couple of non-profit boards, and is the proud father of triplets.

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Founded 1990 to show airport community support

Beverly is a Wayne County Commissioner’s Legislative Aide.  She has a Master’s Certificate in Public Administration and Community Development. She is married and has one son. Her affiliations include: Detroit Eastside Community Collaborative, Chandler Park Conservancy; Detroit Chapter-Tuskegee Airmen; Civil Air Patrol; Women in Aviation; and Davis Aerospace Technical High School Advisory. Her motto: the Sky is the Limit!

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Tony retired CBS broadcast network engineer (47-years) for WKBD-TV/WWJ-TV; serving 5-years as their IBEW Local-58 Union Steward, and a National Television Academy Silver Circle Inductee.  Prior to that, he was a boy scout; graduated from Highland Park High, attended Highland Park Community College and worked 3-years in educational radio. Stevenson is a 2nd Lieutenant in Detroit’s 100th Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol.  He’s an aviation enthusiast, and student pilot.  Tony is a member of Friends of Detroit City Airport, the Detroit Chapter-Tuskegee Airmen and a Board member of the Tuskegee Museum.



Ari is a pilot and captain with Delta Airlines.  When he’s not flying Delta’s Boeing 717-200; he can often be spotted flying personal airplanes, with local area kids. He’s a husband, and father of two.  “I never forget, as a kid, looking through the fence at my local airport, longing to be on the other side. The General Aviation community showed me through that fence, and now I’m here to help the next generation of pilots”.